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HARD GOODBYES review in The Western Writers of America magazine Roundup. The review as written by Harlan Hague, best-selling author of THE SUNSET RIM, IF I SHOULD DIE, THE PEOPLE, BUTTERFLY’S CHILD, LEAVING AH-wah-nee, A PLACE FOR MEI LIN, IF I SHOULD LEAVE YOU, and other novels.

5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. A real page-turner! I got lost in the life and times of these characters and can’t wait for the next in the series.
    Judith Smith


  2. Enjoyable and excellent read. Surprisingly loved it.
    I’m not a huge Western fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The characters and their dynamics pulled me in, the action was always fun and never lagged, and I never realized how fascinating the Wyoming world of the 1800’s could be. There’s war, horse training, ranching, relationships, and an ever-present edginess with the Native American tribes surrounding everything. The author did a great job of painting the picture of a realistic historical world that felt real and never got boring. I’d recommend this read to anyone looking for something that’s not too intense but is a fun, quick read with loads of enjoyable scenes and an overall satisfying story.
    Richard Bailey


  3. Kathy and Ken Weter September 19, 2021 — 3:11 pm

    Hard Goodbyes by Rod Mcfain
    It was a really good western that made you feel as if you were watching a movie. Took us into the 1800’s! Good book to read, it has everything a western might have. We loved it.


  4. Saturday mornings were wonderful–filled with The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hikock. They were strong heroes who defended the helpless and sent the villains out of town or to Boothill. There were also females in the shows….they were usually victims…innocent (or perhaps naughty) and each knew her realm, either the merchantile or the cafe or like Miss Kitty, the saloon. Hard Goodbyes gives a fresh perspective. Ally was handed a hard reality in a hard territory. She probably would have preferred bonnets over bandits or a carriage over cattle, however, she did not shrink back from the hard stuff but instead, stood her ground, handling her horse like Dale Evans and driving cattle. Hard Goodbyes is a new genre in westerns showing strong women pushing themselves beyond their limits and saying goodbye without dying inside. It would make a great Saturday morning western!


  5. Hard Goodbyes by Rod McFain
    I recently met Rod and he proudly shared the trailer for Hard Goodbyes. I was hooked! I started reading it as soon as I got home and struggled to put it down. So vividly written, you are taken on a speeding rollercoaster of loss, love, hope, fear and unrelenting determination to survive against all odds. A fantastically written story that leaves you wanting more. Read this book, you will be very happy you did!


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