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Rod McFain is a lover of writing, horses, and fly fishing. He lives with his beautiful, Ali MacGraw look alike wife, Linda, in the Currier and Ives like setting of Garden Valley, Idaho. Rod has recently completed the first draft of his historical fiction novel, HARD GOODBYES, set in 1860 Wyoming. He is currently working on his new novel, IN BETWEEN TIME, set in the Roaring 20s.


Coming May 25, 2021

Ally Hart’s husband is dead. Not that he was much of a husband. He’d already killed most of her dream and left little unless she counts wasted years, loneliness, and isolation. But, it’s pointless to grieve over the past, that much she knows. Everything is about survival, which isn’t easy for a woman alone in 1860 Wyoming, where life is not forgiving, not pretty.

If Ally is to survive, to rekindle her dreams, she must become fiercely independent, something she’s never been—no more being compliant, mild, and demure. To survive, she must reject conventional female ideals, even the ones she enjoys. There’s no room for them in her life. 

Coming Summer 2021

Coming Fall 2021
Coming 2022

Coming 2022

Researching a novel on “Pretty Betty Martin”


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57 Castle Mountain Drive
Garden Valley, Idaho 83622

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